Lousky Medications – pdf

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Lousky Medications

Which are neither home remedies
nor conventional medicine

The Lousky medications are based
on current and updated scientific research,

and the wisdom of The Book of Creation.

Lousky medications are

simple, familiar, and natural human acts.

There are no side effects

No chances of overdosing

No possibilities of harm incurring.

Lousky medications are suitable

For every age, everywhere, and at all times.

There is no need for a doctor’s prescription. They come at no cost,

You know when…

You know all those times when you really need to get some sleep but the kids just don’t allow it to happen…

You know when there are thousands of ideas whirling around in your head, sending you into such a jam that you can’t even get one of them off the ground; and your boss continues talking about who knows what, but you’d already lost him at “Good morning…”

You know how sometimes you’re feeling a bit down and depressed, with no desire to do anything or speak to anyone…

You know how you sometimes do things mechanically. You’re not really interested in it, and you’re doing it just because you must…

And when your stomach suddenly clutches itself in spasms, or your head begins to spin that awful headache once again, and you fill your body to the brim with painkillers and afterwards you can’t bear the thought of more chemicals invading your body?

You understand that medications have side effects and aren’t ideal to take, and their effect lasts a few hours only anyway, but you keep contaminating your body with them, just to keep the pain away.

If you’re only too aware of all this, the book of Lousky’s Medications will help you find a good and effective solution, where side effects are non-existent, and the medications can be consumed repeatedly, as many times as you like: at any time, in any place, for any type of pain and ailment…and at no cost.

and are available everywhere, and at every time of day.