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Integrated Medicine – pdf

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Integrated Medicine
Integrative health combines treatment methods from different worlds and levels, body and soul – the combination of the scientific medicine, meaning, medications and surgeries alongside with holistic treatment methods. In the physical level, there will be treatments such as acupuncture, movement, massage, nutrition. In the emotional level, will be treatment methods, such as, combining arts, healing, and psychodrama. Mental treatment methods, such as, guided imagination, conversation, and questioning. At last, in the spiritual level, there will be treatment methods, such as meditation, the feedback way, forgiveness and prayer. The integrative health gives an answer for the different aspects of human body and soul and sees all his parts and levels uniting into one complete unit.

The five central characteristics to schematize and to create a framework of the integrative health via 32 intelligences, for medical centers and therapists are the health scale, the engine to a change, lousky remedies , the treatments basket, and the therapists’ cycle. These five central characteristics are the consequences of the 32 paths (intelligences) pattern as it is indicated in the Book of creatio

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