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24 בינואר 2017
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Intelligence Tests i32 – pdf

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Intelligence Tests i32
The contribution of the present research lies in the presentation of the unique format for integrated medicine, definition of the 32 intelligences, and in the construction of an instrument for the measurement of the subject’s level in each one of the 32 intelligences through which medical centers, therapists, and education practitioners can create their unique treatment mix personally adjusted to each and every patient or student.
The world, according to the Book of Creation, is divided into 32 paths. Every path includes variables that suit the frequency of the path. Treatment of one of the variables will favorably influence the other variables on the same path.
All the variables that are commensurate with the path frequency embody the human potential of the path and it is called ‘intelligence’, or in the language of the Book of Creation, ‘wonderful paths of wisdom’. Intelligence can be corrected, maintained, and improved, like a muscle, by free will.
Treatment with integrated medicine is performed using ‘holistic medicines’, which are simple human actions directed at receiving or giving, such as hugging, sleeping, showering, walking, smiling, laughing, drinking, taking a trip, shopping, and going to the sea. In addition, the following treatment techniques are used: massage, healing, acupuncture, Bach flowers, healing plants, psychotherapy, the arts, dreams, psychodrama, meditation, guided imagery, creation cards, chirology, poetry, stories, process, experience journey, and nutrition. .
Integrated medicine is an innovative and practical development of the Book of Creation into an integrated educational and treatment method – holistic spiritual psychotherapy for the balance of the body and mind, through the 32 intelligences with the integration of the arts. Integrated medicine is a format for the inclusion, association, connection, and integration of the different treatment and therapy techniques in the world of medicine, in all their forms, for the creation of a whole integrated medicine

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