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Spiritual Coaching – pdf

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Spiritual Coaching.
The Secrets of Life according to the Kabala Wisdom of the Book of Creation

The book on spiritual coaching is a fascinating story about a teacher who teaches a selected student all the secrets of life according to the Book of Creation during seven days and seven nights.
“My teachers say that all the secrets of life are written in the Book of Creation. The Book of Creation is the source of the secret, the seed and the root of the tree of life from which all the branches grow. The Book of Creation is the Hidden Light that has been seen from time immemorial. The world was not ready to receive the secret and thus it was concealed; only when humanity is found to be worthy of receiving the secret was the Zohar written, were the books of the Kabala written, were other secret books written on the basis of the Book of Creation. Only then did humanity begin to discover the secrets of life. According to tradition, Abraham our forefather wrote the Book of Creation. Abraham was the father of Israel and of Ishmael, of Jesus and Mohammed, of Lao Tse and Buddha, and of members of all religions and races today living in the world.
Throughout the course of human history spiritual teachers have come to the world to instruct man in his way to the light. The teachers have spoken different languages, have come from different cultures. Some teachers speak, some teachers sing, some teachers write books or poems. Some teachers are visible, while others are not seen. Spiritual teachers are found among us in different ways, according to human uniqueness. All the great spiritual teachers speak about the secrets of the Book of Creation, secrets that have never changed.”

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